To Whom It May Concern,
Mr. William Funk (Willie) is a software & web internet development expert and asset to my firm.  He wrote, coded, and developed, from scratch, my successful company's website, which has made my real estate firm an industry leader.  As a small business owner, I highly recommend William Funk to develop and manage your software & web internet requirements.  Mr. Funk is an accredited engineer from Golden's Esteemed School of Mines.  His credentials are stellar and I am very fortunate to have an expert webmaster at the helm of my firm's marketing and advertising department.  Please feel free to contact me regarding his skills and abilities at your convenience.
--Jerry Baker, CNE, Black Hawk Real Estate

Lump Gulch Designs by Willie Funk is extraordinary.

Willie brings four things to mind immediately…

Proven - He’s qualified, experienced and very knowledgeable
Professional – Willie showed up to our first appointment with a detailed updated task list of 5 pages after only a few hours of work. This guy does NOT waste time or your money! I brought my wife on the appointment and Willie included her too, this was extremely beneficial.
Passionate- if I pay someone to do a job and they lack passion, we’re done. Willie has inspired me to create my brand and work in ways that I never imagined…and much easier than I thought. His consulting and SEO service is making my service to the planet a reality!
Partner- Willie behaves like your business partner and not a hired hand.

simply put, Lump Gulch is galactic!

Michael Sanicola

Willie Funk did an awesome job designing my site for my new business. I didnʼt have him change a thing after the first go because he did everything so beautifully and it was right in line with the vision I had for the site. I was prepared for a more arduous process but he just did it all perfect the first time!! He understands business and how important a website is to generating business and seems to know just the type of design you should have for the type of business youʼre running. Heʼs also incredibly knowledgable about how to generate traffic to your site and used all of his tools to help me get as much traffic as possible. Also, I was incredibly daunted by the idea of maintaining my own site as Iʼm not the most tech savvy individual around. But he taught me how and made it very easy and was very patient. This guy just has such a knack for this and I couldnʼt be more pleased with the results. I will never go to anyone else for website services!!!

Joanne Zimbler -- Write Time West

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