Lump Gulch Design is pleased to announce that it has extra room for your website in its promotion server. This is the server we call “secret-sauce”!

The sauce server runs 24/7/365 promoting our member’s websites. Every month it submits member’s websites to the 19 top search engines while also working on our secret formula that has been proven to improve your Internet exposure.

The sauce server works non-stop to promote your website in a method that is consistent with the search engines’ rules so that you do not get banned. We have never had a member banned using the sauce server.

Each of our new clients get their first ‘dips’ of the sauce for free (two months) if we are making a site for you. It helps you get recognized quickly! The cost thereafter is $15/month. If you have an existing site and want “some sauce” on it, the price is the same.

If your site needs to be safely promoted non-stop, please submit your information for our promotion membership here (please note all fields are REQUIRED)…


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